Without Suga, BTS 2020 People’s Choice Awards


BTS for the first time has introduced themselves as “a sextet” in the face of the sad absence of idol Suga.

The People’s Choice Awards 2020 took place on November 15 and the biggest winners of the night, without a doubt, were BTS.

The septet, who are currently gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated upcoming album BE, took home the awards for The Group of 2020, The Song of 2020 and The Music Video of 2020 for their Billboard Hot 100 single Dynamite No. . 1, as well as The 2020 Album for Map of the Soul: 7.

Accepting the award for The 2020 Group and giving their acceptance speech virtually from Seoul, South Korea, the boys, without Suga, were spotted wearing Life Goes On (BE’s main title) jerseys while Jungkook and J-Hope they combined it with black jackets.


While introducing himself in the Bangtan trademark manner, Kookie began, “Thank you to the People’s Choice Awards and our fans for giving us the title of Best Group,” to which Jimin acknowledged: “I know it’s been a difficult year for everyone. It was for us too. ”

Sharing how they focused on music in 2020, RM added: “We did not sit idle and focus on what we could do better, which is music,” while V confessed, “We realized that [as long as we] have our music, our life goes on. ”


“We really want to thank you for listening to our music this year,” Jin said as Hobi wished, “And we hope that our music can keep them going and living.”

On a final note, the members thanked everyone again as The Golden Maknae made the namaste gesture.

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Why was Suga absent?

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Yoongi is currently in recovery mode after a successful shoulder surgery he had on November 3.

As we informed you in Somagnews, it was the Big Hit agency and Suga himself who revealed that the operation went very well but forced the idol to stay away from the group for a while, while he recovers. Did you miss seeing Suga with her fellow BTS members?


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