Without Editing, Visual Aespa Members in the Real World Become the Spotlight of Korean Netizens


Recently, South Korean netizens discussed the visuals of aespa members in the real world. In a post on the theqoo site, a Korean netizen uploaded a video of aespa members when they were surrounded by fans and media crew.

The video immediately became the spotlight, because through this video netizens were able to see the real faces of AESPA members without going through the editing process.

After seeing the aespa members in the video, Korean netizens immediately gave their various praise comments:

“Wow, Ningning’s face is really amazing,”

“They’re all beautiful and they’re a lot more popular than I thought,”

“They are all beautiful, but I don’t think Karina is human, she is a goddess,”

“Karina’s face is so small. All the members look pretty

“Ningning really is like a Disney princess,” and many more complimented comments.

You can see videos of aespa members who are in the spotlight of Korean netizens below!