Without Apple, Intel could face a sharp drop in the CPU market


Apple: Intel’s share of the computer processor market could drop considerably in 2022. This is directly linked to Apple’s decision to abandon the manufacturer’s chips and use its own components from the Apple Silicon line.

Due to the four Macs with M1 chips, Intel will lose nearly 50% of Apple’s orders this year alone. So, with the end of the long partnership, DigiTimes sources indicate that the manufacturer’s market share will be below 80% in 2023 – the estimate is that a share of at least 10% of that market will remain with Apple.

Apple last year unveiled a plan to transition the processors of all Mac computers – including desktops and notebooks. The transition period, which will last two years, should be completed by the WWDC 2022 event.

Apparently, Intel is aware of the impact Apple Silicon will have on its business. For example, the brand has already carried out marketing campaigns against new Macs warning that its processors are superior to the models of the Cupertino company.

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On the other hand, tests have proven that the M1 can be superior to Intel processors. As well, certain features of masOS Monterey will not be compatible with older chips provided by the manufacturer.

Finally, Bloomberg revealed that Apple is testing next-gen chips with up to 40 high-performance cores and options of up to 128 graphics cores for future Macs. The new products will likely make the brand completely independent of Intel.


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