“Without a schedule”: Candice Cameron Bure opens up about her sex life


Candice Cameron Bure (46 years old) happily married. The “Full House” star is married to her husband Valery Bure (48 years old) for 26 years now. But even after so many years and three children in the house of the two of them, everything is going like clockwork. The actress gives herself enough freedom for intimacy: now Candice has told how she and her husband maintain their personal life!

In the Mayim Bialik Breakup podcast, she spoke frankly about her relationship. Sex plays a big role for Valerie and for her: “I become a happier person and my husband becomes a happier person when we have sex,” Candice confessed. She went on to say that they “didn’t have a schedule” for this. Instead, they always find time for each other and also love each other physically.

There is one thing that Candice finds quite attractive: because of his Russian upbringing, Valery is much more reserved and serious in life. As soon as he gets rid of this behavior, the producer really likes it: “When he’s so playful, there’s nothing that makes me happier and attracts me to him more,” she said enthusiastically.


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