With this trick will not wake up on Windows 10 startup


Anyone who works in front of a computer has their mobile close to them to keep in touch. It is something of the most common, although unfortunately the use of both devices can be counterproductive when working if they cause distractions. Luckily there is an application such as Your Phone in Windows 10 to control a large part of the mobile’s features. But you may only want to use it once in a while and that’s why we show you how to prevent Your Phone from waking up when you start Windows 10.

Why avoid the automatic start of Your Phone?

You may have dozens of applications on your computer, each one more useful. What I’m sure you are clear about is that most of them are only activated if you double-click on their icon, at which point your computer more or less squeezes its performance. But there are functions that are activated automatically as soon as you start the operating system and this is not usually the best.

The why is simple and is a matter of optimization and speed. That is, the more applications you have of this type, the longer it will take for your computer to start up. This without taking into account its impact, something you can see in the task manager.

How to prevent your phone from starting with Windows 10

Now that we have given you an important reason to eliminate the automatic start of Windows 10 we will tell you how it is done. Of course, it is not about removing it just because, since if you are a user who takes advantage of it, you do not have to do it. It is a simple procedure that will hardly cost you a couple of clicks, enough to make your machine start up faster:

Use the command ctrl + alt + delete
Click on task manager
Go to the Home section
Find Your Phone and right click
Select the Disable option
With this done, you just have to wait to start the next session on your computer and you will see how it will start up faster. In addition, this is not the only process that you can disable, so check well all the applications that start when you turn on your device. We can only tell you that this only implies determining the start of their operation, so they will continue inside the hard drive where you installed them.


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