With this system, it will be able to throw water when wet.


The Apple Watch Series 2 was the brand’s first fully waterproof model, and Apple introduced an important feature to keep internal components protected.

As you know, the Apple watch has a water expulsion system in which the speaker expels the water and this is what could now reach the iPhone according to a new patent registered by Apple.

How does this system work?

The Apple Watch’s water expulsion system works by using the speaker to vibrate and make specific sounds that push the water out, which is useful when using the Apple Watch for swimming or during a shower.

As Patently Apple points out, this feature could be available on future iPhone models, as Apple has registered a new patent that shows exactly this system on its smartphones. The patent was originally filed by Apple in 2019, but has now been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The figures show a built-in water ejection system in an iPhone that works similarly to technology found in the Apple Watch series 2 (and later). It uses the speaker and a sensor module with hydrophobic coating to repel water, which would make the iPhone even more waterproof and would also prevent the speakers from failing right after coming into contact with liquids.

Based on the description of the patent, this system is capable of expelling different types of liquids, including fresh water, salt water, gases and more. It can even detect the presence of salt water crystals on the acoustic mesh barrier.

“When the portable electronic device (iPhone) is exposed to salt water, for example, during a surf session in Santa Cruz, the salt water crystals can leave a residue on the acoustic mesh barrier when the salt water evaporates. Consequently, the diaphragm can be actuated to sufficiently remove the salt water crystals from the acoustic mesh barrier. “


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