With The Start of The New Season of “Love is Blind”, The Stars of The Past (including Bartiz and Shake) Offer Personal Cameos


It’s that time again! “Love is Blind” returns in season 4, which means it’s time to get to know more single people looking for love with the help of a unique Netflix dating experiment. When you tune in to new episodes that have just been released for those with a Netflix subscription, past cast members from the series have become available to make personalized cameos for you or the Love Is Blind fan in your life.

Almost 30 stars from the ghost of the past “Love is Blind” are officially presented in a cameo (opens in a new tab) and are ready to send you personal videos, including the season “Love is Blind: Japan”, which aired in 2022. A lot of memorable characters, including Bartis and Nancy, Cole and Zanab from last season or the “villain” Shake from the second season, can send you personalized videos for birthday greetings, wedding parties and so on. Check out the full list and current prices below:

Name Price For Cameo Love Is Blind Season
Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee $95 Season 2
Amber Pike $60 Season 1
Ayano $34 Love Is Blind: Japan
Bartise Bowden $75 Season 3
Cole Barnett $41 Season 3
Chassidy Mickale $15 Season 2
Carlton Morton $60 Season 1
Danielle Ruhl $55 Season 2
Iyanna Jones $80 Season 2
Jarrette Jones $70 Season 2
Kaoru Miyazaki $100 Love Is Blind: Japan
Kelly Chase $50 Season 1
Lauren “LC” Chamblin $15 Season 1
Matt Barnett $40 Season 1
Matt Bolton $50 Season 3
Minami $20 Love Is Blind: Japan
Misaki $40 Love Is Blind: Japan
Mizuki $10 Love Is Blind: Japan
Nancy Rodriguez $80 Season 3
Odachi $28 Love Is Blind: Japan
Nick Thompson $70 Season 2
Rocky Smith $15 Season 2
Rory Newbrough $15 Season 1
Shaina Hurley $50 Season 2
Shayne Jansen $80 Season 2
Steve Rodriguez $25 Season 3
Zanab Jaffrey $150 Season 3


The most popular Love Is Blind contestant when it comes to customer reviews at the moment is Matt Barnett from the first season, who actually married Amber Pike after getting engaged on the show without seeing each other and staying together (a rarity in the series). ). In addition, the Shake from season 2, which attracted a lot of fans with its cameo videos, although they cost more than $ 95.

Another particularly popular one is Cole Barnett, who was among the couples of season 3 of “Love is Blind” who broke up, and his now ex-fiancee Zanab called him out on the show for “single-handedly” destroying her self-confidence before saying no. he’s at the altar. Zanab also stars in Cameo, but she has the most expensive tag: fans need to shell out $150 to get a personalized video.

My favorite random addition to the list should be Steve Rodriguez, Nancy’s brother from season 3, who was memorably unhappy with Bartis and made him feel uncomfortable when they were dating, and during a quarrel at the wedding when he said no to his sister. . To be honest, there are so many great options here for Love Is Blind fans if you’ve ever wanted a personal video from one of them to give to yourself or maybe someone you watch the show with regularly.

The only key figures missing from this list are Love Is Blind presenters Nick and Vanessa Lache. Unfortunately, this week Nick was ordered to see an anger management specialist after a fight with paparazzi, as a result of which he was accused of assault and battery. Oh!

Anyway, the first five episodes of season 4 of “Love is Blind” are now available on Netflix, and you can check out the Netflix premiere calendar for 2023 here on CinemaBlend to keep up to date with what’s next with the streaming service.


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