With the onset of twilight: how to save michelle


As Dusk Falls is a game that offers players many options. The vast majority of these options will have consequences that are reflected throughout the game and make each passage special.

In As Dusk Falls, players will take on the role of Vince, the father of a family of four. Players will need to guide Vince and his family through the dangerous first act of As Dusk Falls or risk losing them as the game progresses. Vince’s family consists of himself, his wife Michelle, daughter Zoe and father Jim. Without actively playing for Michelle, players will still interact with her and make decisions and choices that can greatly affect the outcome of her life.

In order for the players to get the best ending, they need to make sure that all members of Vince’s family survived the incident at the Dream in the Desert Motel and that all their relationships remained intact. These decisions will be made not only in The Desert Dream, but also in Vince’s memories with Michelle.

How to save Michelle

As Vince’s wife, Michelle is in immediate danger while the Desert Dream Motel is under siege. This means that by playing for Vince, the player will contribute to whether Michelle gets selected or not.

Michelle may die at the Desert Dream Motel if the player decides to run to the door when the police first break in. This will lead to quick events (QTE) when Tyler attacks Vince. If the player does not complete these QTEs in time, and also angers Tyler because of the dialogue options, Tyler will fire his shotgun at Vince.

Michelle will sacrifice herself and jump forward, resulting in her being shot. If Michelle is not released from the hostage situation when the police offer an exchange, Michelle will eventually die in a Desert Dream. This will have consequences as she won’t be alive in later chapters where she interacts and supports Zoya later in life.

Saving Michelle’s Relationship with Vince

Throughout the ordeal in “A Dream in the Desert”, Vince will have a couple of memories of their lives before they moved.

In the flashbacks, the player (and Vince) will find out that Michelle is cheating on him with a work partner. The player can then choose whether to trust Michelle in a purely platonic relationship, forgive her for cheating, or confront her.

A collision with her will lead to Michelle and Vince breaking up if they both survive the incident in “A Dream in the Desert”. If Vince dies in The Desert Dream, Michelle will marry another man again, which Zoya will be unhappy with. Vince will remain single after separation or if Michelle dies at the Desert Dream Motel.

This, however, remains at the discretion of the player, since he can freely dispose of the fate of Vince and his family. This includes Vince and his relationship with each individual family member.

As Dusk Falls is available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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