With The Details of The 1st Episode of The 5th Season of “Stranger Things”, Fans Interpret What This May Mean For The Future Storyline


According to the tradition of the show, the streaming giant reveals the title of the first episode of season 5 of “Stranger Things” on Twitter. While fans were waiting for details of the show, Netflix officially released an image of the first page of the script. As follows from the picture, the title of the episode is “Crawling”. The name caused a little confusion in the minds of fans when they tried to make sense according to their imagination.

The Netflix Original sci-fi drama released the fourth season earlier along with the first part. This left the audience with a lot of unresolved questions. They want to know about the future of the children, as well as about the demons that the children have defeated. Fans are also curious about the couples in the show, as well as the locations. However, exposing the name does not answer these questions, or are they? Let’s find out together.

Who is going to get into the fifth season of “stranger things“?

As we saw in the previous season of “stranger things”, Eddie Munson died heroically, and Max suffered. Eleven tried to save as many friends as possible. Will was trying to come to terms with everything that had happened, while the other children were trying to cope with life after a tense quarrel. Among all this, the title of the first episode of the last chapter, “Crawling”, indicates that something may appear again. Does this mean that Vecna will crawl again? Or will the final explosion summon another demon? Will Eddie be able to come back to life? What does “Crawling” mean?

Well, there are many variations of the meaning of the name. This may introduce something new for the last chapter of the show. Although it reminds us of previous games in which the title was literally justified by the actions in the episode. For example, the titles of the 6th and 9th episodes of the 4th season, “Drive” and “Container Transportation”, respectively, refer to the actions of the characters.

Therefore, this name “Crawling” also indicates something related to the literal meaning of the term. While all we can do is wait, the fans can’t wait and they have their own way of expressing their opinion.


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