With software update, electric bikes will detect accidents


Cowboy electric bicycles will soon have a new feature to increase the safety of cyclists. It is an accident detector, capable of assisting the user in the event of a fall, a novelty that will be available until the end of September, through the free software update.

According to the Belgian startup, the tool uses sensors embedded in the models of the second and third generations of the e-bike to monitor falls and collisions. Among them are the speed sensor installed on the wheel, the torque sensor to check the application of force on the pedal and the accelerometer.

Combining all this information, the accident detection system algorithm comes into action to try to reduce the number of false positives to “close to zero”, according to Cowboy, avoiding the improper activation of the device.

In this way, some actions or more sudden movements during the pedaling are not confused with accidents. Situations such as pedaling on cobblestone roads, going through holes, making an emergency brake and letting the bike fall on its side, for example, do not activate the tool, according to the brand.


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