With failures, PIX moves $ 777 million on the 1st day


PIX, the Central Bank’s (BC) new instant payment system, was released to all users on Monday (16), with the promise of speeding up transfers and other internet banking services. But not everyone who tried to use the tool on the debut date succeeded.

Even so, the tool managed to carry out more than 1 million transactions, moving R $ 777.3 million until 6 pm yesterday, according to the BC. The average value of transfers via PIX was R $ 773.43, despite the high amount of “tests” carried out by the population in the amount of R $ 1.

Many people who had problems with PIX used social media to complain. On Twitter, for example, there are several reports of system instability, failures and errors in banking apps, when trying to make payments or transfers through the new platform.

One of the banks mentioned in the tweets is Itaú. In response, the bank said it launched an update to its app, bringing corrections.

There are also messages complaining about Caixa, Nubank, Santander, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and PicPay, among others, mentioning unfinished transactions, communication failures and cancellation of transfers. There were even users commenting on the delay of 60 minutes to complete the procedure, in contrast to the 10 seconds announced by the BC.

Central Bank denies instabilities

During a press conference held on Monday, BC President Roberto Campos Neto denied that the system suffered any instability during its official debut for all bank customers. However, he acknowledged the possibility that some operations have not been completed.

“Were some operations not complete? Yes. There was a larger volume that was not complete in one bank or another ”, admitted the executive. He also commented on the non-relationship of these failures with a possible instability: “It is important to differentiate what is system instability and what are operations not performed, that is, in which the process was not complete”, he reiterated.

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In the interview, Campos Neto also said that the BC is in contact with the banks so that the failures are resolved as soon as possible.


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