With Chiquis separation, Lorenzo Méndez asks for help


Chiquis Rivera announced this week her separation with Lorenzo Méndez, through Instagram. According to the statement, the decision was made by mutual agreement.

After a few days both have been seen on social networks. And while Chiquis takes refuge in songs of female empowerment, Lorenzo asks for divine help, through her social networks.

A few hours ago the singer uploaded a photograph to Instagram in which he cries out: “God guide me … I’m from you.” His words received no response from fans, as they blocked access.

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🌗 Dios Guíame…. soy de ti😭❤️

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Both he and Chiquis have been bearing multiple messages, of all kinds, regarding their separation. Some do not believe that this decision is real, many claim that it is all part of a promotional strategy.

Many also believe that the couple, on the other hand, is making use of social networks to launch hints and thus win the sympathy of the public.

Chiquis emphasizes for her part that she is alone, showing that her separation is not an advertising strategy. As she pointed out in her statement.

For his part, Lorenzo sang the song “La Barca” and his followers have shown him a lot of support in this post, asking him to now focus on his voice and even let go of everything that no longer works.

“That is what you must exploit! Your super voice Lorenzo !! Focus on that .. put out a new album, make music and leave behind what doesn’t work !!! Let it go !!! The most important thing is self-love !!! 💕 Blessings ”, a fan commented to the young performer.


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