With Browser Brave, Dark Websites are Now Accessible


Privacy-oriented internet browser Brave introduced direct access to dark websites with .onion extensions. In this way, users will be able to use Brave to access sites on the dark web through the Tor network. User privacy will also be protected on the dark web.

Brave, which is an internet browser focused on user privacy, has introduced a new feature that is likely to attract users’ attention. Thanks to Brave’s new feature, users will be able to easily access websites with “.onion” extension, also known as the dark web. Moreover, users will continue to protect their privacy while on the dark web.

Brave’s new service has been implemented to reach a wider user base. Because it is thought that consumers in regions where internet censorship is intense, such as China or India, will also use Brave with this feature. Time will tell how much of this expectation can be met, but it is obvious that many users will be able to use Brave instead of Tor Browser to access the dark web.

In fact, Brave and Tor have been in close contact since 2018. Brave executives had announced an integration with their work in those years. This integration protected users connected to the Tor network not only on the device but also on the network. In addition, Brave ensured that the identity data of the user who requested to log into the Tor network at the same time was also protected. Studies carried out over the years have enabled this last feature to be available at the last point.

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Although Brave focuses on user security and privacy, it’s important to remember that the Tor network will never be completely secure. Moreover, you should remember that you will often encounter illegal things on websites you can access on the dark web. So if you decide to connect to the Tor network via Brave, be careful with every step you take.


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