With Black Adam vs Superman Out of Sight, Will Rock vs Henry Cavill Happen Outside of The DCU?


The consequences of “Black Adam” shocked fans one after another. Dwayne Johnson touted Henry Cavill’s cameo throughout the promotion. And this brought together a small group of viewers who went to watch the film in the hope that they would see Cavill again in the role of Superman. And they did. Towards the end of the film, a stunning shot hints that Black Adam will finally fight an equally strong rival, Superman.


But, considering how the new heads of the DCU decided to rigidly reboot all existing heroes, canceling the corresponding franchises, there will be no continuation of Dwayne Johnson’s “Black Adam”. And as for Cavill, a month after he put on his red cape again, he was told that he was not needed in the DC universe by Gunn and Safran. Now both actors, in addition to discussing their biceps, can also talk about their unfulfilled dream of DC and, hopefully, about another collaboration that does not require DC.

Are Superman and Black Adam collaborating again?

Considering how Dwayne Johnson worked behind the backs of the major departments to pull the strings for Cavill’s return, it becomes clear that he knows about the Cavill effect. And in case you didn’t, the Cavill effect is a phenomenon that encourages a huge audience to watch any project in which, according to rumors, even a graduate of The Witcher was filmed because of the brilliance that the actor guarantees.

That’s why fans think the two of them should abandon the failed DC venture and work together on another project. An action movie with two pumped-up actors would be perfect for both of them. Moreover, Cavill, whose best role is considered to be the role of Geralt in The Witcher, has been in the fantasy world for a long time. And an action movie with Dwayne Johnson, set in the real world, is just the way for him to come back. “Hobbs & Shaw” with Cavill as the villain is exactly what will cause a furore at the box office according to Screenrant.

To doubt Henry Cavill’s ability to act in anything should be considered a crime. The actor tries to achieve his goals, no matter what role he chooses.

And, given his brilliant performance in Mission: Impossible-Fallout“, where he was a villain, fans are convinced that he can play the infamous detective director Eteon in “Hobbs & Shaw 2″. Considering that after the failure of “Black Adam” the actor will need a boost at the box office, fans are sure that he will return to a guaranteed hit, such as “Hobbs and Shaw”.

Do you want Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson to work again? Let us know in the comments below.


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