With Bethesda, Xbox exclusive games could increase


Microsoft has strengthened its hand by purchasing Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, with the agreement it signed. Many question marks were stuck in the actors’ minds. Will Bethesda games now be released as Xbox exclusive games? Will the previously announced games come to PS5?

Microsoft to power the Xbox side with Bethesda

Microsoft attracted attention with this move and received appreciation from many players and users. Moreover, shortly before the consoles are released, such a move is considered quite good. Bethesda can make custom games for Xbox. So what will happen to Bethesda games that will be released on PS5?

Bethesda, which is currently developing games for PS5, can bring the games they announced to PS5. But The Elder Scrolls VI, one of the games they have not announced, may appear as an Xbox exclusive game. Microsoft acquired Bethesday’s RPG world for the Western market. Thus, the strongest trump cards in Sony’s hands are Demon’s Souls Remake and Final Fantasy XVI.

With Bethesda, Microsoft has added the following games:

Bethesda Game Studios: The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Starfield.

Obsidian: Avowed Pillars of Eternity, The Outer Worlds.

inXile: Wasteland.

Playground: Fable.

All games in this game list will come for Xbox Game Pass, if a new game comes from these companies, they will be included in the Xbox Game Pass on the day it is released.

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