The Witcher: what will the spin-off of the Netflix series be about?


While season 2 is in the pipeline, Netflix is ​​already preparing a spin-off on The Witcher. Here are the latest rumors around it.

Arriving in December 2019 on Netflix, The Witcher wowed heroic fantasy fans. However, it will take patience before season 2. In the meantime, the producers are already working on a spin-off.

No vacation for Henry Cavill, who lends his features to Geralt de Riv, our Witcher. If production of season 2 of The Witcher has started, the episodes will not be available soon. On the other hand, fans of the universe may be able to console themselves with a spin-off.

It seems that the prod is not short of an idea concerning the work of Andrzej Sapkowski. Now we know a little more about the next spin-off project. It will therefore be an animated film, subtitled “The Nightmare of The Wolf”.

Something new on the Continent. Netflix is ​​set to delight the 76 million homes already captured by Season 1 of The Witcher. According to the latest rumors, it will be an animated film. In this new feature film, we will be dealing with a character who will not be totally unknown to those who have followed the series. The central character will be none other than Geralt de Riv’s mentor, Vesemir. Will the latter be dubbed by Theo James, who camped out his role at the very end of season a of The Witcher? Nothing is less sure.

However, it is quite possible that the actors present in the casting of the series will double the animated film. Another info left by Netflix, Vesemir could also cross paths with a certain Deglan, who will invoke the Law of Surprise on the Witcher. Note that this law is already very mysterious to us from the first episodes of The Witcher. It is not known, however, whether the film will arrive before or after season 2. Case to follow…


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