The Witcher season 2: a new witcher joins Henry Cavill


Actor Joel Adrian is about to join the cast of the second season of The Witcher! A character full of mysteries!

Good news for fans of The Witcher series ! Indeed, a new witcher will join Henry Cavill for the 2nd season …

Fans of The Witcher series are eagerly awaiting season 2! Indeed, only the first season is available on Netflix … And for good reason, the shooting of season 2 has not even come to an end yet!

Indeed, the filming of season 2 is on pause. And for good reason, due to hygienic measures to avoid the spread of the covid the shooting is in neutral! Thus, fans of the series are trying by all means to get new information about the new component!

Thus, they risk being thrilled with this new info which is as follows…. A new witcher is about to join the cast of The Witcher ! He will be played by actor Joel Adrian.

According to a report by Radanian Intelligence , the new character played by Joel Adrian will be called Hemrik ! Besides, if this name doesn’t mean anything to you … It’s completely normal!

Indeed, the latter does not appear in the work of Andrej Sapkowski ! This therefore lets imagine a multitude of possible scenarios! Unfortunately for those in the Witcher series, they will have to wait many months before the broadcast of season 2!

In the meantime, this new character leaves room for several interpretations of Internet users ! Indeed, some think that it will be a character who will only be present during flashback scenes… Others seem convinced that he did appear in the new scenes alongside Henry Cavill !

So let’s hope that the shooting of the science fiction series will resume quickly! Indeed, for the time being, it’s been several weeks that everything has been at a standstill!


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