The Witcher season 2: future episodes will be structured very differently!


In an interview with Reddit, the designer made several confidences about the episodes of the second season of The Witcher!

At the start of the year, Netflix released the episodes of a whole new series to its fans, which is already making a lot of noise. This is The Witcher. This series has been known as much for its complexity as for its fascinating history.

The only catch? Several internet users have confessed that they did not understand the start of the first season. It took them a while to get the hang of it. And after the last episodes of The Witcher, a big question has emerged on social networks.

Will The Witcher series have a season 2? While the answer seemed obvious after the last few minutes, fans waited for a real answer. And Netflix has finally confirmed the arrival of a new season on its Twitter account. The platform also explained that filming would start in early January.

And the creator of The Witcher also made several revelations about the second season. To the delight of all, the woman explained that the structure would not be the same at all. In an interview with Reddit, the designer also said: “Honestly? I didn’t think this would be one of the most contested aspects of the series. Lots of people said, “I didn’t understand until episode 4!” Which is exactly when you expected people to understand. ”

The creator of The Witcher also said, “I think it’s a matter of taste. I like movies, the structure of which I have to decipher as I go along, other people not. In this case, those who hated this aspect will be lucky, since season 2 is structured differently. ” Revelations that are sure to please fans of the series.


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