The Witcher: all you need to know about Ciri’s screams!


The Witcher may have been released a few weeks ago, but it is still in the news! Starting with the cries of the young Ciri …

Young Ciri may be charming, but her powers are devastating. The Witcher’s heroine has the ability to utter very high-pitched screams. They are so impressive that fans of the series wonder if they are true. Could the actress have used a liner? She answers.

The new Netflix series The Witcher may have left critics skeptical, but not viewers. It is so successful that even books and video games find new life. The latter are also sold out in several specialized stores.

If the VOD platform has made several mistakes in the past, this is now forgotten. The Witcher is indeed a colossal success. Henry Cavill found a role commensurate with that of Geralt. As for the young premieres Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, they are impressive. The latter caught the attention of many, especially because of her young age.

” I did everything. All the screams are mine, ”said Freya Allan about the screams of her character, Ciri. “I remember that during rehearsals on the first day of shooting, the director came up to me and said ‘we should have shot a scene.’ My throat was very sore at the end, but it was quite fun , “She continues in an interview with Comic Book. This is surprising!

She is not the only actress to have devoted herself to her role in The Witcher. The British Anya Chalotra has indeed revealed to have used no lining to play the sex scenes of her character. “I only used a liner for the very first sex scene. I quickly realized with this scene that I was not comfortable with the idea that someone else embodied Yennefer (…) I found it difficult to witness this, ”she had explained to Subway.


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