The Witcher: Henry Cavill too muscular? It complicated the work of costumers!


Henry Cavill played Superman. It is thanks to this role that he acquired substantial muscles. It did not facilitate the filming of The Witcher!

Henry Cavill is passionate about video games. That’s why he was so enthusiastic about playing Geralt de Riv in The Witcher. Maybe a little too much. He gained so much muscle that it complicated the life of the costumers!

Known for his impressive build, Henry Cavill never hesitated to take muscle for a role. This is why the character of Superman in Man of Steel suits him so well. But the actor has rarely been involved in a role like that of the protagonist of The Witcher. Expert in books and video games, he trained a lot to interpret Geralt de Riv. Not only did he learn to wield a sword, but he also gained a lot of muscle.

With abs, shoulders, biceps and glutes even bigger than before, Henry Cavill delighted fans of The Witcher. But the costumers working on the series were not of the same opinion. This has given them a lot of trouble. In any case more than expected!

This is the Polygon website which reveals this in an article dedicated to the behind the scenes of the event series. Stylist Tim Aslam says that the protruding muscles of Henry Cavill have worn the leather of his clothes faster than expected. The costumes wore out so quickly that his teams had to constantly patch them up. This of course does not help that the British actor likes to wear his outfits often.

All the pieces cut for The Witcher were very tight, so Henry Cavill preferred to keep them on him. According to the creator of the series, the actor even went so far as to eat and sleep with it. This is what we call a character who sticks to the skin!


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