The Witcher: the designer already has 7 seasons in mind for the Netflix series!


Here is a Netflix series that has not finished talking! Season 1 of The Witcher has been successful, and seven more are already preparing.

Unexpected success of the winter, The Witcher keeps talking. Since Netflix put the series online, it has always attracted more fans. And it’s not over ! Indeed, the filming of season 2 will begin. Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra will resume their roles as Geralt and Yennefer.

The creator of The Witcher sees even further. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich plans to make seven seasons. This will give the Witcher a hard time! “I’ve already prepared seven seasons,” she revealed to SFX magazine. “The worst thing we could do is put our energy into one season and not think about the fate of these characters. “The work of the author Andrzej Sapkowski being consistent, it should not be difficult to find inspiration!

The direction it wants to take remains very vague. If only with the 2nd season of The Witcher. In all likelihood, she should explore the kingdom of Nilfgaard and explain her motivations.

“We felt the urge to install Nilfgaard as the big bad guy in season 1. We gave density to the characters of Cahir and Fringilla so that the audience could wonder. ‘Wait, they don’t look crazy. What do they see in Nilfgaard? Maybe there is more to it than it looks like ,? “said Lauren Schmidt Hissrich to The Witcher fans on the Reddit website. “The story gets a lot more picked up in the next season,” she said, however. So that should reassure those that the chronology of the series had diverted. “The relationships that we established between the characters in the 1st season begin to bear fruit in the 2nd. ”

Author Andrzej Sapkowski is an avid supporter of The Witcher and has applauded the work of Henry Cavill. “He’s a real professional. Viggo Mortensen had lent his features to the character of Aragorn. Henry for his part became Geralt. And it will remain so forever. “


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