The Witcher: we can add the song from the Netflix series in the game!


The first video game “The Witcher” has just unveiled a new scene in which Jaskier interprets the song from the Netflix series.

The Witcher never ceases to amaze fans at the start of the year. This time, it’s the video game that gets a lot of attention. Indeed, it would be possible to add music from the Netflix series to the game!

At the start of 2020, The Witcher is surely the event series. Victim of its success, it has indeed become the most popular series in the world. In less than two weeks, she has already managed to break a record. It even far surpassed the Star Wars series of the Disney + platform, The Mandalorian. As you might expect, fans of the series had to quickly jump into video games related to the world of the witcher.

Thus, they were able to continue living the adventures of Geralt de Riv. Instead of foolishly waiting for the release of the next season in 2021 … In fact, the shooting of season 2 should start this month. In fact, the popularity rating for The Witcher: Wild Hunt, available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, has exploded. The game has therefore recorded a new record of connections since the release of the series.

But, against all odds, this is not the last game in the Witcher series that is making headlines today. Indeed, it is the very first installment in the saga, released in 2007. The site therefore explained that the PCGamesN site would have succeeded in adding the famous song from the Netflix series. It is then a question of the famous music of the unbearable, but no less funny bard, Jaskier.

“Toss a coin to your Witcher” or in French “Throw a penny to the Witcher”. The manipulation allows you to add a hidden scene in the very first game. Just download the link available on Nexus Mod and unzip it. A simple manipulation that allows you to discover once again, Jaskier’s song in The Witcher.


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