The Witcher Becomes Netflix’s Highest Series of IMDb Points


The Witcher Becomes Netflix’s Highest Series of IMDb Points. Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantastic novel series The Witcher is now on the screen after the popular game series. The Witcher is Netflix’s highest-rated production on IMDb.

After the popularity of the books, The Witcher moved to the gaming world in 2007 and attracted much attention. Netflix saw the potential of The Witcher and brought Superman and Henry Cavill to the audience as Geralt of Rivia. The long-awaited series was released yesterday by Netflix around the world.

The series was admired by fans and had a huge impact on social media. It also became Netflix’s highest-rated series on IMDb and outperformed the publisher’s other ambitious productions such as Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror, The Crown, Ozark and Haunting of Hill House.

Netflix’s highest-rated series on IMDb:
The Witcher – 8.9
Stranger Things – 8.8
House of Cards – 8.8
Peaky Blinders – 8.8
Narcos – 8.8
Black Mirror – 8.8
The Haunting of Hill House – 8.7
The Crown – 8.7
Daredevil – 8.6
Dark – 8.6
Mindhunter – 8.6
BoJack Horseman – 8.6
The Punisher – 8.5
For most series, IMDb fan ratings are usually preloaded. So the Witcher’s score is expected to fall over time. HBO’s Chernobyl series had previously been the highest rated in the IMDb with a score of 9.7, but the score subsequently fell to 9.4.

Even if The Witcher loses a few points over time, it will probably remain at the top of the Netflix series with 8.6 and 8.8 points. In Netflix’s new series, we see how it makes a logical decision, and we hope to meet the expectations by raising the bar even higher.

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