Wish You: Your Melody In My Heart


“Wish You: Your melody in my heart”, the new Korean lb drama that you cannot miss soon. Korean entertainment continues to enlist new drama releases, as they have become as popular as K-pop.

The country continues to bet on stories of genres never before developed, such as boy x boy or called LB, after the premiere of “Mr. Heart ”, fans will be able to enjoy the third series of its kind.

The world of Korean dramas is very diverse, they cover the genres of fantasy, period, suspense science fiction, thrillers, romance, comedy and school youth, now they will do so with the LB theme, which has become famous thanks to stories from Taiwan and Thailand as “Love by Chance” or “Still 2gether series”.

For the winter season, the story of “Wish You: Your melody in my heart” is expected, which will star two K-pop idols, its premiere is scheduled for December 2020 and they have already started with the recordings, in Social networks have shared various photos of the set, the script and the famous food strucks that they send to the Korean actors.


According to the first reports, the protagonists of the LB drama will be King In Soo from the group My Name and Lee Sang from IMFACT, both of whom already have experience in drama and will play two boys who, apparently, will also be artists in the industry. This Korean series is produced by the Idol Romance agency, the same one that created “Mr. Heart “.

So far, there is no official synopsis, but it is expected that over the next two months the first teasers will be released, as well as the characters and the plot, although fans can already enjoy the first poster of “Wish You: Your Melody in my heart ”, which shows the protagonists with their backs to each other under a blue sky.

Fans are excited to hear about this story, as the LB theme is one of their favorites, and South Korea is breaking social stereotypes regarding gender.

While you wait, you can enjoy the best dramas inspired by the fall-winter season.


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