Wish: France Asks Search Engines Not To Display Wish in Results


Wish: The government of France has asked the main search engines and mobile app stores operating in the country to remove search results related to Wish. In a statement released on Wednesday (24), local authorities said the e-commerce platform is under investigation.

Suspicious of a supposed ease of selling counterfeit products on Wish, the French body in charge of consumer rights purchased 140 different products in e-commerce in 2020 and decided to test their safety. In the case of toys, 95% of them did not comply with European legislation — 45% were considered dangerous.

In the electronics category, the agency claims that 95% of the goods purchased could not be for sale on the continent and that 90% of them were unsafe. Security problems were also identified in 62% of jewelry purchased online, presenting risks to the consumer.

The investigation also pointed out that the platform does not inform consumers about the risks offered by some products sold on the marketplace, nor does it keep records of these sales. The company was notified in July, before any action by the government, which has now decided to ask for the removal of references to the internet service.

disputing the measure

In a note sent to TechCrunch, a Wish spokesperson said the platform has the means to detect and remove any products that violate local laws and pose risks to buyers, even without having a legal obligation to control items sold by third parties. Also according to the representative, the company has strict criteria for selecting sellers.

The service considered the French agency’s action “illegal and disproportionate”, and is now trying to reverse it in court. With the measure, the platform no longer appears in searches on Google, Play Store and App Store, in France, but the site and the app continue to function normally.