Wireless Headphones with Massive Usage Time: EKSA GT1 Cobra


GT1 Cobra, the brand new wireless headphones of Chinese technology company EKSA, has been announced with its patented design and impressive technical features. Designed in the shape of a cobra snake’s head, the headset draws attention with its active noise canceling, low latency and long usage possibilities.
EKSA, a Chinese technology company, has announced its new wireless earbuds named “GT1 Cobra” with a patented design. In addition to its game mode, the headset, which offers players a unique music experience, seems to be able to attract attention with its price. So what does EKSA’s new wireless headset offer to the consumer?

As the name suggests, EKSA GT1 Cobra comes with a special box design resembling the head of a cobra snake. The illuminations in both the box and the headphones themselves make this special design even more impressive. Ergonomically designed for ear health, the earphones also prioritize comfort with their 3 different ear pads.

Here comes the EKSA GT1 Cobra

When we look at the technical features of the wireless headset, which is enchanting with its design, we encounter quite remarkable details. The IPX4 certification of the headset ensures that these headphones are resistant to splashes. In addition, gamers encounter 38 ms latency in the EKSA GT1 Cobra. This means that no sound will be missed while playing games.

Another feature of the GT1 Cobra is its active noise canceling feature. Headphones using a special algorithm, so they can have a smooth experience. The wireless headset, which can be used in all current smartphones thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 support, allows functions such as changing songs, answering calls, switching between game or music mode and activating the voice assistant thanks to touch control.


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