Wireless headphones that do not eliminate street noise


Audio product maker Bose has launched a new wireless headset model with a differentiated technology – which deviates from the standard both aesthetic and functional of traditional models.

This is the Bose Sport Open Earbuds, which according to the brand opens a segment that is still little explored: that of “over-the-ear” headphones, that is, that are positioned above the user’s ear, without covering the region or being inserted in the ear canal. As the photos showing the model show, they are slightly above, using a curvature that obeys the traditional shape of the ear so they do not fall off during use.

Bose guarantees that the objective is to do the opposite of noise cancellation, preventing you from being totally oblivious to the noises of the street around you – something very much requested by cyclists and runners who do physical activities on the street. However, thanks to a technology called OpenAudio, this does not compromise sound quality or privacy, in the case of calls in environments with other people.

With OpenAudio, the content is directed to you with acoustic precision thanks to two 16 mm drivers, also bringing a high quality microphone for calls. Although similar, this technical feature is different from bone conduction headphones, which have been on sale in the sector for some years.

The model is completely wireless with Bluetooth connectivity, has autonomy of up to 8 hours and guarantees 3 hours of operation after a recharge of just 30 minutes.

The loading is done on a magnetic connection base that comes with the product. It also brings IPX4 certification of resistance against water and sweat, withstanding rain and quick contact with liquids.

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The Bose Sport Open Earbuds can now be booked on the manufacturer’s website for US $ 199.95 – the equivalent of R $ 1,050 in direct currency conversion. Shipments to the United States begin on January 20 and include a trial period of up to 90 days.


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