Wireless charging twice as fast with iPhone 12 MagSafe


Apple’s newly introduced iPhone 12 series will be able to reach 15W wireless charging speed. However, there is an important condition for this. IPhone 12 owners looking to see the 15W wireless charging speed will need to use Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charger or a compatible third-party accessory.

Apple revived the MagSafe brand with new iPhones. The company now mentions MagSafe on the iPhone 12 product page, saying “Magnets align perfectly each time for faster wireless charging.” However, Apple does not make it clear that faster wireless charging only applies to its MagSafe brand.

For this, it is necessary to go to the page where the technical specifications of the iPhone 12 series are listed. Here, it is seen that with MagSafe, 15W speed is reached in wireless charging, and the maximum speed is 7.5W in Qi wireless charging adapters. Every iPhone model released since 2017 comes with Qi wireless charging support. However, it was not possible to reach 15W wireless charging speed in any model. This is changing with MagSafe’s return.

It is unknown whether this is due to a technical restriction or a specific case with MagSafe chargers. However, those who want to take advantage of the higher wireless charging speed on the iPhone 12 series should use an Apple-approved MagSafe wireless charger.

Apple currently sells the only MagSafe compatible wireless charger. The adapter’s price tag says $ 39.99. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers such as Belkin and Griffin will soon be rolling out MagSafe wireless chargers.


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