Wireless Android Auto support will be added to cars


With Android 11, it will be easier to find wireless Android Auto support on phones, but this will bring new aspects of compatibility for cars. Wireless Android Auto technology is still uncommon except for a few brands like BMW. But a crowdfunding project seems to change that.

A developer named Emil Borconi-Szdressy recently opened an Indiegogo campaign. With this campaign launched for the AAWireless USB device, as the name suggests, wireless Android Auto support is provided to the current car.

To use this device, you will need an in-car information system with wired Android Auto support. This support is found in more and more cars, but it is very difficult to see it in older cars. By the way, it is also important to be patient while using the device because it is stated that the device can take up to 40 seconds to connect.

Compatibility can also be another issue. Although the developer team says that it has tested with many cars and control panels and the system will work with any Android Auto-equipped car, the developers do not guarantee support at this stage.

In addition, the completion of the project as planned will play an important role in determining the time when this device will be used in cars. Borconi-Szdressy is close to reaching the target in its project and plans to sell the first devices for $ 55 in December. However, there is always the possibility of delay or other obstacles. When you support the project, you should support it with the hope of getting a feedback, not with the thought of pre-ordering.

If you take a risk, as a result, you will be able to use Android Auto in a more practical way. Moreover, this solution may be more useful if you have an older phone. Because AAWireless can also work with a phone with Android 9 Pie, you can delay the decision to switch to a new Android phone for a while.


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