Winx Saga: Tecna’s world appeared in season 2?


Screenrant has just speculated on the sequel to the Netflix series, The Winx Saga. It remains to be seen if everything will go as planned.

Do you dream of knowing what will happen in Season 2 of The Winx Saga on Netflix? Our colleagues at Screenrant should answer your questions. Or at least, have made several assumptions about what might happen.

Because yes, if you’re up to date, you already know how the first season ended. In fact, if you haven’t seen the end yet, we recommend that you stop reading there. This article is likely to contain some spoilers.

But before knowing what we could discover in the sequel to the Netflix series, know that the showrunner has expressed his eagerness to unveil it to his audience. Indeed, Brian Young recently granted an interview on this subject.

This one, stating, “I can’t wait for you to learn more about Aisha, Stella, Terra and Musa as Bloom’s story continues to evolve. And then you never know who could soon disembark at Alféa… ”

In other words, Brian Young lets us know that an important character could arrive later. It remains to be seen whether this is going to be a fairy friend or not.

But what fans of the Netflix series want to discover is also the rest of the fairy world. Because as Melty points out, only the Other World, Earth and Aster Dale have been revealed.

The Winx Saga (Netflix): the fictional world of Tecna unveiled in season 2?


Fans of the cartoon know that the world turns out to be much bigger than these three territories. Therefore, the coming of Tecna could change everything and finally open the world of The Winx Saga.

In any case, that’s what Screenrant thinks as our colleagues at Melty note. The latter, thinking that the geographical limits could be pushed back in season 2 of the Netflix project.

The discovery of Zenith, for example, would not be excluded. For fans unsure of what it is, know that we are talking about a heavenly planet here. A world almost like Night City from the Cyberpunk video game in terms of technological advancements.

Melty even compares this “country” to Black Panther’s Wakanda. The wild land that has technologies that the rest of the Earth does not yet have. Like the famous shield protecting the whole city from monsters.

But what makes this country even more heavenly is the fact that no disease, poverty, racism or even war are present. In other words, a world in which everyone dreams of living.

So it remains to be seen if Netflix is ​​really going to make the fairies go out there in the next season. Because, we remind you, these are just assumptions at the moment. In any case, we should not be immune to many surprises.


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