Winx Saga: has the victims’ intentions been revealed?


Good news for fans of The Winx Saga! A new burn theory from the cult series on Netflix is ​​running on the web!

Are you fans of The Winx Saga? Wondering what will happen in season 2 on Netflix and what are the burnt intentions?

New buzz on the web! The Winx Saga series on Netflix never ceases to panic fans! And for good reason … With the crazy finale of Season 1, fans are wondering a lot!

Indeed, Bloom’s fate does not look good! Not to mention the burns who are presented as the “monsters” of The Winx Saga. But what are their real intentions?

Unsurprisingly, fans are counting the days, so they can’t wait to see the rest of Alfea’s fairy adventures! There are still many plots to explore and the first season only added new questions!

On Reddit or even on twitter, the questions from fans are unanimous! What is Bloom’s mysterious past and where are his real parents? Will his sister Daphne from the original cartoon make an appearance? What is Rosalind really cooking? But above all: what is the real story of burn victims?

Throughout Season 1, they’ve been shown to be bloodthirsty monsters! But in the final episode, Bloom reveals that they’re not exactly what they seem! Shock!

Indeed, before being cursed by the Flame of the Dragon, the burnt ones were once ancient soldiers… humans! So why are they chasing Bloom and what are the burns’ intentions?

The Winx Saga (Netflix): the intentions of the burns finally revealed?


With all of these questions running around the web, fans of The Winx Saga couldn’t help but make their own theories! The latest? The burn victims want to become human again following a curse! Shock!

Unveiled by our colleagues at Melty, the crazy fan theory about burns is actually not that unlikely! Attention spoilers, we explain everything to you:

It’s no longer a secret! Bloom is Alfea’s most powerful fairy and she holds the power of the Dragon Flame! It was his flame that revealed that the burnt victims were previously humans!

Team Melty therefore assumes that “burn victims once had a soul, one can strongly imagine that they seek to regain their humanity. ” But that’s not all !

To find their human bodies, the burned surely want to recover the power of the Dragon Flame that Bloom has! They might even be the wizards of Aster Dale Village! Shock!

Rosalind therefore took away this extremely powerful power from them before transforming them into “monsters ravaged by fire”! So what do you think of this new theory about the Winx Saga? Probable, don’t you think?


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