Winx legend: This series from the same universe


The Winx saga is successful. With its magical universe, the series was very popular. Other series in the same spirit are to be watched.

The Winx saga is a hit. It must be said that the universe represented in the series captivated many viewers. In fact, other series in the same vein are to be watched.

For several weeks, The Winx saga has been shaking the web. And for good reason, the series is at the heart of all discussions. It must be said that Netflix has still done very well with this program. Not bad !

This live action of The Winx Club is therefore a great success. And for good reason, the mythical fairies are back in flesh and blood. Something to delight all fans of the cartoon then.

Thus, Stella, Bloom and Musa land on Netflix. The high school girls will then have to fight the burns. In a darker universe, they will be accompanied by new fairies.

Terra and Aisha will therefore come to the aid of their friends. With all their magical powers, the bad guys just need to behave. The tension will then intensify in Season 2 of The Winx Saga.

This new season is eagerly awaited by fans of the program. Indeed, other original fairies could be back. This full box should then continue.

Moreover, this great success can be explained by the universe highlighted. Thus, other series in the same genre are also to watch. A top 5 has therefore been established.

The Winx saga: these series from the same universe not to be missed!


The universe of The Winx Saga has therefore fascinated many Netflix subscribers. Thus, the series is then placed in the top 10 of the platform.

But that doesn’t mean we have to forget some of the flagship series. Indeed, other programs in the same spirit should therefore be watched. Eh yes !

First, The Vampire Diaries. This unproven series was created by Brian Young. He is also at the origin of The Winx Saga by the way.

Then, Riverdale is a safe bet. Renewed for a sixth season, the teen drama series tells the story of a bunch of friends.

Many mysteries make up the scenario. Just like The Winx Saga, the series can then be very dark. So fans of suspense should love it.

If you liked The Winx Saga, then don’t miss the adventures of Sabrina the Witch. In fact, Abigail Cowen appears in both castings at the time.

The Little Things series should appeal to any fan of teen drama. Again, the series takes place in a school. But not just any, a prestigious dance school.

Finally, The Office of Magical Affairs should be the delight of many. Like The Winx Saga, the characters in the series move between two worlds.

While waiting for season 2 of The Winx saga, fans will be able to wait while watching these 5 series. To be continued.


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