Winx: challenges the CW to adapt The Powerpuff Girls!


After adapting the live-action cartoon The Winx, Netflix inspired CW to adapt The Powerpuff Girls as a series. Fans can’t wait!

A few months ago, Netflix created a surprise by adapting the cartoon “Winx” in live-action. And the least we can say is that the show was a hit. It could well be that The Powerpuff Girls are following the same path.

Not long ago, Netflix announced great news to “Winx” fans. The live-action series will definitely have a season 2. In the meantime, The CW is focusing on other projects. Indeed, the cartoon Super Nanas could also be adapted in series.

The CW TV channel has confirmed that Powerpuff Girls will be making a big comeback on screens thanks to ideas from Netflix. On the other hand, the fans will not follow the adventures of Belle, Bulle and Rebelle during their childhood.

This time around, the series will tell the story of “25-year-old girls who have lost their illusions and who regret losing their childhood to their fight against crime.”

“So will they agree to come together again now that the world needs them more than ever?” “. One thing is certain, this little teaser, soon to be adapted by CW thanks to Netflix, makes our mouths water. We can’t wait to learn more.

However, CW has yet to reveal the names of the actresses who will play Belle, Bulle and Rebelle. Some wonder if The Professor will also make his comeback in the series thanks to Netflix. It will take patience to find out more.

Winx: the Netflix series pushes CW to adapt The Powerpuff Girls in series!


As a reminder, Cartoon Network’s cartoon Super Girls tell the story of three little girls: Belle, Bulle and Rebelle (Netflix). These were created by Professor Utonium. The latter only wanted to create normal little girls.

Unfortunately, when creating it, he added chemical agent X to his cauldron. “This is how the Powerpuff Girls with Superpowers were born.” Belle, Bulle and Rebelle (Netflix) were tasked with saving the town of Townsville.

The little girls faced monsters, each more terrible than the next. It remains to be seen whether there will also be the villainous Mojo Jojo, an ape with incredible intelligence who uses it to evil ends.

In the cartoon, fans also know “HIM” very well. He is the true embodiment of the devil and has claws for his hands. This is the greatest danger Belle, Bulle and Rebelle (Netflix) encounter in the cartoon.

There is also the terrible Princess Plenozas, a spoiled rotten girl totally jealous of the Powerpuff Girls. The gang of wicked also include Le gang des Véreux, Sédusa or Le gang des Invertebrés.

It remains to be seen if all these villains will have their place in the series on The CW as well. Case to follow!


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