Winter Olympics iPhone 13 Pro Costs Up To BRL 143,000


iPhone 13 Pro: Caviar has launched new iPhone 13 Pro models with the theme of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The lineup is divided into the Olympic Hero and Olympic Hero Gold models, both with gold finishes that can cost up to US$ 27,600. The Russian company is known for its luxury versions of smartphones and consoles at very high prices.

Despite the smartphones’ details being in gold, Caviar describes the handset’s body as made from lightweight, impact-resistant materials. The edition features elements on the back that depict the location of this year’s Winter Olympics competitions, such as the National Alpine Ski Center, located in the mountainous Xiaohaituo area, and delicate traces of ski tracks in the snow.

Details in another 24K and 18K

As with other models launched by Caviar, the winter games edition is limited – there are 109 units available in the Olympic Hero line and only 8 Olympic Hero Gold devices for sale. The difference between the options, which include the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, is the type of finish. The more “salty” version has the bottom and all the details in 18K gold. The cheaper ones are just plated with 24K gold on the lower details and the symbol of the Olympic games.