Wins on Music Bank, ATEEZ Adds Trophy Collection to “Guerrilla”


8 talented boys who are members of ATEEZ again add their winning trophy collection to the music program with their comeback song.

Today (05/08), KBS has finished presenting the performances of South Korean idols with the latest songs and their debut through the music program, Music Bank.

Together with the song “Guerilla”, ATEEZ managed to excel on Music Bank and achieved a total score of 8,474 points, beating STAYC who was in second place with 5,158 points for “Beautiful Monster”.

Now ATEEZ has 3 winning trophies for “Guerrilla” and their 9th win since their debut in 2018.

Congratulations to ATEEZ and ATINY on their fifth win for “Guerrilla” on the music program!


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