Winona Ryder was left alone in the movie “Gone by Night” [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant can exclusively present an excerpt from a new horror movie “Gone by Night”, which will be released in theaters on July 15 and will be released digitally on August 2. Directed by Eli Horowitz (who wrote the Prime Video series “Homecoming”), he co-wrote the script with Matthew Derby.
After another incredible season of “Very Strange Things,” Ryder continues to explore the horror genre in “Gone by Night.” In it, she plays Kat, who arrives at a remote cabin in the redwoods with her boyfriend Max (John Gallagher Jr.). However, upon arrival they learn that the find of a young couple (played by Owen Teague and Brianna Tew)  was double booked. While Kat reluctantly shares a cabin with strangers, Max and the young woman disappear, leaving her to enlist the help of a man named Barlow (Dermot Mulroney) to find out what happened.
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An exclusive clip of Screen Rant, provided by Vertical Entertainment, depicts the moment when Kat realizes that Max is missing. Instead of her boyfriend, she finds Al (Tig) distraught in the middle of the forest. He admits that he had sex with Max and Greta (Tew), after which they left together. Watch an excerpt from the movie “Gone by Night” in the embedded video below or by following the link:
While Al thinks he understands exactly what happened, Kat feels lost and confused. Being abandoned in a strange hut that was initially inexplicably double-booked is enough to make anyone doubt their surroundings, but this is just the beginning of the strange events that Kat has to go through.
Check out the official artwork for “Gone into the Night” below, which focuses on Ryder in the title role and the devastation her character Kat is going through. Viewers will need to watch the movie in theaters this weekend to find out the mystery of Max’s disappearance and see another exciting performance by the talented actress.
Other recent releases by Vertical Entertainment include A Day To Die, an action thriller starring Bruce Willis, and The Hating Game– an office romcom starring Lucy Hale. “Gone by Night,” which will be released this week, has a duration of 90 minutes and an R rating.