The Most Winning Games in 2019

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The Most Winning Games in 2019

A report published by SuperData revealed the most monetized digital games in 2019. In the shared report, F2P and paid games are handled in different categories.

We can say that 2019 was very active for the gaming industry. During the year, many different games, including F2P and toll, were released. Some of these games have brought unbelievable money to their producer companies, while others have been disappointing. So how did 2019 go for the digital gaming industry? Let us examine the answer to this question under different headings.

Mobile games are at the top of the digital gaming market:

gaming game play tv fun gamer gamepad guy controller video console playing player holding hobby playful enjoyment view concept – stock image

The report, published by SuperData, focuses on the market shares of digital games and interactive media, the breaking moments of 2019 and the games that make the most money during 2019. Another remarkable point in the shared report was the game platforms. According to the data, the digital gaming market has grown by 3% year on year to become a market of $ 120.1 billion. Most of this market is mobile with 64.4 billion dollars, PC with 29.9 billion dollars and console games with 15.4 billion dollars.

The most winning F2P games in 2019:

The trend in the gaming industry of recent years has begun to shift to F2P (free to play) games. At this point, companies do not generate any revenue from game sales, while a large portion of their revenue comes from in-game item sales. At the beginning of these games are the PC’s giant games such as Fortnite and LoL.

On the other hand, the rise of mobile games cannot be ignored, as mobile games account for 6 of the top 10 F2P games in 2019. Fortnite’s leading list of the most winning F2P games in 2019 is as follows:

Fortnite – $ 1.8 billion
Dungeon Fighter Online – $ 1.6 billion
Honor of Kings – $ 1.6 billion
League of Legends – $ 1.5 billion
Candy Crush Saga – $ 1.5 billion
Pokemon Go – $ 1.4 billion
Crossfire – $ 1.4 billion
Fate / Grand Order – $ 1.2 billion
Game for Peace – $ 1.1 billion
Last Shelter: Survival $ 1.1 billion
Top winning premium games in 2019:
Top-rated premium games

In addition to F2P games, there are also premium AAA-style games that are usually released for PC and console platforms. Examples of these are game series such as Call of Duty and GTA. The fact that there is a huge production behind these games and that the games are sold for a certain fee also makes it called “premium..

Among the games that generated the most revenue as a result of digital sales and in-game item sales in 2019, the names are not surprising. The list of the games of the giant companies such as EA and Activision is as follows:

FIFA 19 – $ 786 million
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – $ 645 million
Grand Theft Auto V – $ 595 million
FIFA 20 – 504 million dollars
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – $ 487 million
NBA 2K19 – $ 370 million
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – $ 370 million
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege – $ 358 million
Borderlands 3 – $ 329 million
The Sims 4 – $ 311 million

In 2019, this was the list of games that made the production companies smile and earn millions of dollars. Especially the “premium” games list, GTA V and Rainbow Six: Siege are relatively old games, but they still attract more attention. You can follow us to get more content like this and more.

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