Winning Artist of the Year at the ‘2021 AMAs’, Netizens Again Discuss BTS’s Military Release


BTS again managed to make history through their victory at the ‘2021 AMAs‘ where they won the ‘Artist of the Year‘ in the famous global event.

BTS’s victory not only made fans happy, the president of South Korea, Moon Jae In, also congratulated the achievements of the artists from the country he led.

Meanwhile, South Korean netizens again discussed the military service issue of the 7 member boy group.

Many of the netizens, who are dominated by men, said that BTS should get military service waivers, even exempt from it, because the achievements they get are considered equivalent to winning gold medals at the Olympics.

Many of the netizens suggested to the government to only provide basic military training or place them on Dokdo Island for 3 months for their military service.

Meanwhile, the National Defense Commission’s Legislative Review Subcommittee is rumored to be holding a meeting on November 25, discussing the law on military service including alternative service for artists such as BTS.