Winner of the world’s best pen award: Stilform INK


Those who are interested in pens know that Stilform INK was awarded the title of the best pen in the world in 2016. The fountain pen appears again with its renewed design. The design of the fountain pen, which offers titanium coating, an improved mechanical cap system and easy use, is also very stylish.

The world’s best pen Stilform INK

We need to give a few details about this fountain pen. Stilform INK stands out with the fact that it is among the successful products of the Kickstarter platform as well as the title of the best pen in the world. Titanium material is also added to the design of the pen, which has minimalist lines. The magnetic structure preferred in the cap and body design enables easy placement of the pen cap.


Metallic colors, which are used very fondly in the technological products of this year, were also preferred for Stilform INK. The pens with three shades of metallic blue, bronze and gray seem to be among the highlights of this year.

“Long-term use”, which is a desired situation in pens, comes with the fountain pen in question. It has a cylindrical design with two straight edges that prevent the pen from rolling when placed on a table. This design, which is the iconic signature of the pen, is being developed and offers practical use as it contains many hidden magnets in its structure.

One of the most striking features of the pen is that it definitely does not have a plastic detail in its structure. On the mounting side of the pen, all titanium and aluminum materials are used and the pen is easily joined thanks to magnets. The diamond alloy, on the other hand, makes the pencil resistant to scratches and adds a stylish shine.

Changing the ink of the pen is very easy. While the starting price of the pen, which comes out with different variations, is $ 138, it can go up to $ 659 with different campaigns and many pieces.


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