Windowsfx: Brazilians Create ‘Free Windows 11’ Based On Linux


Windowsfx: With many features and a distinct look, Windows 11 already gathers a legion of fans even in the testing phase. The new operating system from Microsoft already has a release date, but it still doesn’t seem to offer the freedom desired by some users, such as the Brazilian developers of the LinuxFX distribution.

Composed of just four members, the team led by developer Rafael Rachid managed to reproduce the main features of Windows 11 with great fidelity in the Windowsfx 11 distribution, based on the KDE Plasma and Ubuntu Core codes. The charm of Microsoft’s interface is translated into the WX Desktop theme, applied to the desktop (DE) of KDE, which features all the aesthetics of the upcoming operating system, including icons, custom animations and various modifications.

In addition to the refined presentation, Windowsfx 11 offers all the features that make Linux one of the main alternatives for Internet users thanks to the kernel and package manager used by the novelty — the same present in the stable and secure Ubuntu 20.04. This feature facilitates the application installation process with just a few command lines, increasing the distro’s accessibility for more users.

Check out a preview of the experience in the video below:

Future updates

In an interview with TecMundo, Rachid revealed that Windowsfx 11 will follow the Windows 11 release schedule and promises new features for the future. Possible updates include new control panel, improved theme manager and more functions for Helloa, a proprietary voice assistant built in since version 10.7 of the Linux distribution.

The team also took the opportunity to comment that Windowsfx 11 is being developed under Microsoft’s terms of use, using open source tools available on the project’s own website. Thus, the distro would not be “directly infringing” any rights of the Redmond company.


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