Windows XP is still used by millions


Windows XP met users in 2001. The operating system, which has not been supported for a long time, is still installed on a fair number of systems. The latest data shared by NetMarketShare reveal this.

As of August, 1.26 percent of computers worldwide use the 19-year-old operating system. It is noteworthy that Windows XP surpasses more “younger” operating systems such as Windows 8 (0.57 percent), Chrome OS (0.42 percent) and Windows Vista (0.12 percent) in terms of market share.

Support for Windows XP was terminated as of April 2014. Microsoft has not released any important technical or security updates for the operating system for over six years.

According to estimates, more than 2 billion computers are currently in active use worldwide. This means that approximately 25.2 million computers are running Windows XP that has not been updated for a long time.

Windows 10’s market share, which was just over 50 percent last year, has exceeded 60 percent. These numbers are important in terms of demonstrating Microsoft’s dominance in the market despite the high profile of Apple’s Macs. Mac OS X 10.15 takes the first place among Apple’s operating system versions, with a 3.49 percent market share.

It can be said that Microsoft’s termination of support for Windows 7 as of last January played an important role in the increase in the market share of Windows 10. However, it would not be wrong to say that the “antiquated” operating system such as Windows XP is still in use as a problem for Microsoft.


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