Windows: Update Fixes Critical Errors and Vulnerabilities


Windows: Last Tuesday (10), Microsoft released a major update aimed at fixing various errors in its operating system, Windows. The novelty is a “Tuesday Patch” (or “Tuesday Fix”, in Portuguese), colloquial term given to a category of routine adjustments to a product or service.

In all, 44 flaws were corrected, 7 of which were considered critical and the others evaluated as important. Among them are also three zero-day vulnerabilities, which refer to errors unknown to developers when releasing software or code — allowing hackers to use them for malicious purposes.

Possibly one of the most important fixes in the update is aimed at the failure of the Windows printer service, which made it possible for cybercriminals to execute remote code. Since June this year, when it was discovered, the problem has become a major cause for concern among Internet users.

The update affected a number of Windows programs and tools, including:

.NET Core & Visual Studio
ASP.NET Core & Visual Studio
Windows Update
Windows Print Service Components
Windows Media
Windows Defender
Remote Desktop Client
Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based only)
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office SharePoint

Fixes will arrive for versions of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10; check out the full list of changes on the Microsoft website.


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