Windows: Phone App To Gain Support for More Phones


Windows: The “Your Phone” app for Windows should extend the integration of features to more smartphones. Although Microsoft has a partnership with Samsung, new features may arrive for devices from other brands.

According to expert Aggiornamenti Lumia, the next software update will increase the list of fully supported devices. He also posted a screenshot of the app connected to the Galaxy A52 and accessing the mobile app list.

Extending the compatibility list

Basically, the “Your Phone” app makes it easy to transfer files between Android devices and Windows computers. Such as, the person can check SMS messages and, in some cases, make phone calls.

Due to the agreement between Microsoft and Samsung, the premium models of the Galaxy line bring other features. For example, it is possible to mirror the mobile screen and access apps through the PC, even when the mobile device is far away and locked.

Apparently, the software is expanding the compatibility list to more Galaxy models. Something that will benefit many users who already have the South Korean brand’s devices, but didn’t have access to the extra features.

In addition, Microsoft may be making the “Your Phone” app code available to other manufacturers. However, that should put an end to the exclusive deal with Samsung.


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