Windows Is A ‘Magnet’ For Ransomware, Study Indicates


Windows: VirusTotal, a subsidiary of Chronicle Security, has published a global study on ransomware attacks in 2021. The document provides a wealth of relevant data on the action model, which is becoming increasingly popular. The company also points out that Windows, the world’s most popular operating system, is a “magnet” for this type of threat.

As per the report, 95% of malicious files detected were Windows-based executables or dynamic link libraries (DLLs). Only 2% of threats were based on Android, representing a micro percentage of the overall picture.

For Windows users, the news may not come as a big surprise, as there are constant reports of ransomware in the operating system. For example, LockFile targeted Microsoft Exchange servers.

The study also reveals that while major actions are fleeting, there is a huge base of uninterrupted activity. In addition, attackers are taking different approaches to attacks, including known malware.

Therefore, it is important that companies and governments are making an intense movement to combat this form of cybercrime. In the meantime, Windows users must protect themselves and be careful not to fall prey to these attacks.


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