Windows Defender, Clean Application Blacklisted CCleaner


Windows Defender, the security application of the Windows 10 operating system, marked CCleaner as ‘Potentially Unwanted Application’ because it brought different applications with it.

Launched by Piriform for the first time about 17 years ago, CCleaner is among the most popular cleaning applications of the Windows operating system. With CCleaner, the total number of downloads exceeding 1 billion, you can clear temporary files, cookies or direct registry, and increase the performance of your computer relatively.

Although CCleaner is among the most popular applications of the Windows 10 operating system, it is now marked as ‘Potentially Unwanted Application’ by Windows Defender. In other words, Microsoft has blacklisted CCleaner. So why did Microsoft suddenly blacklist such a popular app?

Looking at Microsoft’s Potentially Unwanted Applications page, while CCleaner does not directly state any problems regarding the issue; It is stated that free and 14-day premium trial versions of CCleaner are offered with packages that are not required or other applications of developer Piriform, which may negatively affect the user experience.

Microsoft stated that applications installed on the computer by presenting them in the same package as CCleaner may pose a threat to the computer, therefore Windows Defender marked CCleaner as a Potentially Unwanted Application. It is not yet known whether Piriform will give up installer packages that include different software to remove CCleaner from the blacklist.

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