‘Windows 96’: Microsoft System Gains Version That Runs On The Web


Windows 96: A lot of people don’t know, but between Windows 95 and 98, there would be another version of Microsoft’s operating system – Windows 96. The project was shelved by big tech. Still, anyone who wants to imagine what the experience on the platform would be like can check out Windows96.net, in which developers emulate the OS and guarantee features worthy of a trip back in time.

Right away, you can notice the presence of classic icons on the desktop, many of them functional. Do you want to visit the Terminal? Just open it. Want to change the look of your screen and select a new wallpaper? Feel free. Also, be sure to explore the Start menu.

In fact, a manager allows you to install games with a single click, including Doom and the Half-Life demo. It must be remembered that all actions take place in the browser and that nothing is actually installed on your machine.

Classic even in bugs!

In the best Inception style, you can, on Windows96.net, emulate Windows 95 inside the Windows 96 emulator – a real system inside a fake system running in a browser. Wes Fenlon, from the PC Gamer website, explains that he tried to open Internet Explorer in the solution and that the movement “broke” the page. “If that didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be a classic Windows,” he jokes.

Finally, there are options to make it more like Windows XP or Windows Vista or 7 in Aero style. In other words, a full plate for nostalgic people on duty – who, if they prefer, can even join a community’s Discord channel, report bugs and contribute to the project on GitLab.

Curiosity hit? Just click here to check out Windows 96.


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