Windows 95 turns 25: Try it online, the Friends guide


The ‘problem’ with today’s computing is that it evolves so fast that something that is a couple of decades old is basically prehistoric. That happens when you try operating systems of yesteryear. Because the PCs in 1995 weren’t exactly like the ones we have now. And at a time when Apple was going through a rough patch – it wouldn’t be until 1997 that Steve Jobs would return – Microsoft and its Windows basically owned the market for computers and computer systems.

Windows 95, 25 years

And August 24, 1995 was a special date in the computer age, because on that day 25 years ago Microsoft released Windows 95, which basically became the lord of the computer market. For many users, their first contact with a PC, in that edition improvements were introduced that were very significant compared to their predecessors, and that for example the current Windows 10 is still used.

Among them we had radical changes made to the Windows graphical user interface, being completely different from previous versions, and the change from using a cooperative 16-bit multitasking architecture to using a 32-bit preemptive multitasking architecture. This version is also a pioneer for including the Task Bar and the Home button for the first time, as well as being the first version to support the Plug and Play function with the innovative USB technology from 25 years ago.

13 installation disks

Although today everything is for digital downloads, in 1995 the Internet was not available to everyone, and even so it was unthinkable to hang a whole OS to download it with 28.8K or 56K connections. For this reason, and like any program or game for the computer, Windows 95 came in a huge cardboard box with 2 options: floppy disk or the most modern CD-Rom.

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The advantage was obvious, since if your PC only had a floppy drive, you had to start an installation that required up to 13 floppy disks with a DMF format, while the CD one offered games, demos of some Microsoft programs, as well as accessories and multimedia complements.


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