Windows 7 still runs on over 100 million PCs


A year after Microsoft ended support, Windows 7 continues to be used by a huge number of people. According to the American journalist Ed Bott, more than 100 million computers still run the operating system launched in 2009.

To find the result, Bott consulted analytical data from the United States government and traffic analysis companies like StatCounter. So he drew a comparison with a study carried out a year ago.

Compared to January 2020, there was a huge drop in the number of Windows 7 users. For example, at the time support was discontinued, 200 million PCs were still running the old Microsoft operating system.

Bott believes that people have updated the program or purchased new computers in the past 12 months – mainly due to the home office effect. However, he is still surprised by the large user base of the old software.

Because of the large number of users, Microsoft may be forced to release patch patches in the future. Something similar to what happened with Windows XP, which received updates even after support ended.

Check security

Although the number has halved in a year, this is not entirely positive. In fact, it means that there are more than 100 million computers running software that no longer receives security updates.

The study also highlights that several machines with Windows 7 may be in corporate environments. For many companies, it is not feasible to update the operating system until the hardware has failed or other programs are no longer compatible.

It is worth noting that Microsoft offers a paid Extended Security Update service for companies. However, they will be under pressure to update the software, as the value will double in 2021.