Windows 11 will run better than Windows 10 on many computers


The Windows 11 operating system, which Microsoft will release shortly, will work better than Windows 10. So why?


The new operating system Windows 11, which Microsoft will release on October 5, will come with several new features such as improved capture, dynamic refresh rate and direct storage.

There may be another feature of Windows 11 that has not been reported by anyone, except for the classic problems, in the beta versions released to date.

Windows 11 will run better than the old version

Performance improvements in Windows 11 were discussed in a new video published on the YouTube channel Microsoft Mechanics, which produces content about Windows operating systems. Compared to devices running Windows 10 on the same hardware, computers running Windows 11 reportedly have better app performance, better battery life, and faster boot-up from sleep hours.

Steve Dispensa, Microsoft’s vice president of corporate governance, announced the improvements under the infrastructure of Windows 11. The new operating system prioritizes applications, giving them more processing power and access to system resources. This innovation makes apps more responsive. Programs also load faster in Windows 11 when under load.

Dispensa also highlighted the Sleep Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge. This feature is already available in Windows 10, but is turned on by default in Windows 11. With this feature, tabs go into sleep mode after a certain period of time, reducing the amount of system resources used by the computer. Microsoft announced that it achieved an average of 32 percent savings in memory usage and 37 percent in processor usage when using Sleep Tabs.

According to Dispensa, computers running the operating system should have better battery life, as the changes in Windows 11 allow the operating system to use less system resources. Windows 11 also wakes up faster than Windows 10. Dispensa says the operating system has an “optimized instant-on experience.” While the device sleeps, computers with Windows 11 keep the RAM active while many other components are powered down. Microsoft has optimized Windows 11’s communication with hardware components and reduced the need for more resources. This innovation also accelerated resumption from sleep by up to 25 percent.


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