Windows 11 Will Receive Video Processing Improvements


Windows 11: Last week, Microsoft confirmed that the new DirectX 12 APIs will offer improvements for tasks involving video decoding, processing and animation. The novelty is native to Windows 11 and should improve the performance of applications and programs as soon as it is properly implemented on the platform.

Although the novelty is complex to work, Microsoft briefly explains that the styles, principles and frames of reference captured by DirectX 12 will be tracked and managed by the new API. In other words, this means that programs and applications in Windows 11 will have full autonomy in factors such as the size of the decoded image buffer (DPB) — which influences the technical aspects of rendering videos.

The new Windows 11 APIs will be able to use the graphics card’s capacity more efficiently, making video processing even faster than that found in Windows 10. In this context, some popular codecs such as N264 and HEVC, used in editing programs like Adobe Premiere, they will also receive performance improvements.

Fortunately, the novelty will be compatible with most current graphics cards, including even the built-in processor units. More specifically, Nvidia GPUs from GTX 1000 series, Quadro RTX or higher will have support for the update, while only Radeon 5000 series will have compatibility, in AMD’s case.

When it comes to integrated video cards, the novelty should be limited to processors from the Tiger Lake family or higher, in Intel’s case. Similarly, for AMD, Ryzen 2000 series and higher chips should receive the update.